This project was an outlet, born out of frustration for not having always been so open about myself and from not having the knowledge on how to ease the anxiety I lived with and the pressures around me I had at 13. In retrospect of this projection, I could witness the growth I have experienced in my life into a visual form and saw myself in the ways I didn't have the knowledge to do when I was younger. Making myself miserable day after day, Gina didn’t seem to embody any of those self-deprecating traits I had then and I wanted to give my 13 year old self another chance, through this portal I gave myself the visual narrative I wish I had exuded then, with the help of Gina’s confidence, I immortalised a fantasy version of my 13 year old self I wish I could’ve given me then.

GINA was shortlisted for British Vogue Talent 2018